Aigisos blockchain

The robust RollApp blockchain built on Dymension with a parallel secure chain and a novel consensus algorithm.

Built on the novel Robust and Secure Byzantine Fault Tolerant (RSBFT) consensus engine, Aigisos blockchain addresses the challenges posed by Byzantine faults and provides unmatched security for your transactions.

Aigisos blockchain sets itself apart by implementing the novel Robust and Secure Byzantine Fault tolerant (RSBFT) consensus mechanism. RSBFT builds upon the existing Practical Byzantine Fault Tolerance (PBFT) algorithm, enhancing its security and reliability. By increasing the consensus threshold, Aigisos blockchain ensures a higher level of verification for achieving consensus, thereby defending against malicious attack vectors.

The Advancements of RSBFT Consensus

Traditional BFT consensus mechanisms, including PBFT, have made significant progress in addressing Byzantine faults.
However, they often rely on low consensus thresholds, making them susceptible to sophisticated attacks. RSBFT introduces a groundbreaking approach by augmenting the consensus threshold. This higher threshold requires a greater number of participating nodes to reach consensus, making the blockchain network more resilient to attacks.

Enhanced Security, and Robustness

By increasing the consensus threshold, Aigisos blockchain's RSBFT consensus mechanism significantly enhances security.
The involvement of a larger number of nodes in the consensus process strengthens the network's ability to tolerate Byzantine nodes, reducing the likelihood of successful collusion between malicious actors. This heightened security ensures that your transactions and data remain protected and tamper-proof.

RSBFT: A New Paradigm in Blockchain Security.

RSBFT represents a new paradigm in blockchain security. By setting a consensus threshold of N=4F+1, where N represents the total number of nodes and F is the maximum number of tolerated Byzantine nodes, RSBFT ensures unparalleled security and fault tolerance. It revolutionizes the landscape of blockchain networks, enabling the development of secure and trustworthy decentralized applications across various industries.

Fallback Safety Monitoring: Enhancing Security in RSBFT

To further enhance the security and integrity of the blockchain, Aigisos blockchain implements fallback safety monitoring in RSBFT. This innovative approach penalizes non-compliant nodes that fail to meet the stringent validation requirements. Non-compliant nodes are prompted to retry the consensus mechanism until they successfully meet the validation threshold, reinforcing the network's security and reliability.

Evaluating Safety and Liveness Guarantees

Safety and liveness are essential guarantees in consensus mechanisms. Safety ensures that honest nodes reach agreement on the same sequence of transactions, while liveness guarantees progress even in the presence of network delays or Byzantine nodes. RSBFT provides robust safety and liveness guarantees, ensuring the immutability and continuous operation of the blockchain.





Experimental Analysis and Results

Through extensive experimental analysis and simulations, the effectiveness of fallback safety monitoring and the RSBFT consensus mechanism is evaluated. The analysis considers security, fault tolerance, and overall consensus performance, providing valuable insights into the benefits and potential areas for optimization.

Our Plan Of Attack

  • Reach L1/L2 blockchain participants
  • Help hack victims switch to Aigisos
  • Grants for developers
  • Aigisos: high security standards
  • Marketing: unique value proposition
  • Campaign platforms for advertising
  • Connect with influencers

Our roadmap

Competitive Advantage

Novel consensus mechanism: more security, higher quorum.
Safe guard against 51% attack: honesty threshold of 75%.
High TPS and security for applications. Users feel safer with their funds.
Faster feature launch and market share.
Bussiness applications, peace of mind.

The problem we are solving

  • Aigisos blockchain: Most secure and high-throughput solution
  • Novel RSBFT consensus engine for highest security
  • RSBFT improves upon PBFT algorithm for stronger consensus
  • Increased verification threshold defends against attacks
  • High throughput enables efficient transaction processing
  • Well-designed solution for trust and security in decentralized transactions


Ease of onboarding

  • Cross compatibility with popular evm blockchains
  • Increased security than current evm blockchains
  • Dapp deployment on a more secure chain from other evm chains
  • Fostering change for a more secure evm encironment


Current Status

  • RSBFT a novel consensus algorithm created
  • Tested RSBFT successfully
  • Aigisos blockchain with RSBFT consensus engine created
  • Alpha tested Aigisos blockchain
  • Developing further functions for the ecosystem
  • Network stress tested under max load
  • Product deployment ready




  • June 2022 Idea conceived
  • August 2022 Created novel RSBFT consensus engine with better security than any of the current blockchains
  • February 2023 Created Aigisos blockchain with RSBFT consensus engine
  • June 2023 Project website with documentations for the blockchain for users and developers created
H1 of 2024
AIG Genesis RollDrop for DYM stakers
Ecosystem development. 3 to 5 native Dapps built supported by AI from our sponsors Microsoft and OpenAI.
Aigisos RollApp Launch

Milestones to achieve
in the future

H2 of 2024
Aigisos security chain launch with our novel RSBFT algorithm.
Partnerships with other fellow Dymension RollApps for synergic growth
Further ecosystem grant setup to encourange developers to build on Aigisos and airdrop to AIG and DYM stakers
Onboarding non blockchain financial applications through message parsing on Oracle and level 2 AI implementation
Aigisos security chain feature improvement
Parallel and horizontal scaling solutions implemented to infinite scaling

User feedback and RollDrop season 2